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Mind Toy Box is a resource podcast designed to help people cope with stress and cognitive health issues using alternative methods; hosted by cognitive health music composer Jac Harrison.

May 18, 2018

Alternative Methods of Treating Cognitive Health Issues, Part 2 of 3 “Connecting To Your Akashic Records To Relieve Stress & Anxiety”

"There is a power inside of you just waiting to be heard. I believe the gift you have can save yourself and many other lives along the way. Learn to connect with your intuition, increase your intuition, so you can finally really hear the messages of your body that you have been ignoring, is time to give voice to that fear, that self sabotage, and once it is heard you will release the ties who kept holding you back for so long." - Patricia Missakian

This Interview is with Patricia Missakian, Founder of the Akashic Records Institute.

Interview focus: The benefits of connecting to your Akashic Records to relieve stress and anxiety. 

Learn about The Akashic Records 

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